Thursday, 22 December 2011


Brass Monkey is out in the shops to buy with money right now. Staring SBW bigwigs Arthur Tubb, William Mason, Richard Chung and Ronny Calow and just about everyone else who is any good in Sheffield.

Midnight Marauders.

The trailer again.

BRASS MONKEY TRAILER from James Cruickshank on Vimeo.

The video is amazing buy it from Legacy for £5 you won't be disapointed.

Nice one Cruickshank.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Well Done

My copy of the Action Bronson & Statik Selektah collab arrived this week.

I can't get enough of this Albanian

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Warren G

I just spent an hour or two digging out old West Coast hip hop CD's.
Turns out I've been sleeping on this gem for too long!

Roll on summer

You get that Christmas bonus?

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

5Boro JOIN or DIE teaser

I'm so fucking hyped for this video. The teaser is dope, proper legit east coast street skating. The fakie shuv 5.0 180 at 35 seconds in could just be repeated for 20 minutes and I don't think I would get bored.

SBW may be based in Sheffield but we're east coast at heart (until winter).

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Irregular Grime Post 4

Big Bad Birmingham.

Devilman's getting some heavy iPod airtime this week.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Miscellaneous Debris

Some photos that never made the blog (probably with good reason).

A rubbish view of the Rivelin Valley from bolehill park

Sometime in the summer a bunch of us took a trip to skate the new park in Derby. I think everyone was too hungover, too many oranges were eaten, too much time was spent in the shopping centre and Nick ate shit before we even got to the park.

Will knows his way around a kitchen.

Red drinks at least two pints to your half.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Section 6

On Sunday night after a lovely roast dinner and a couple of pints we went and skated a mini ramp in a squat. You know.

Cheers for letting us skate it and giving us a tour around John.

Audacious art experiment thing.

Being culture conscious here at SBW HQ we try and take in some of the shows on offer in the great city of Sheffield.

The first thing to do when taking in one of these events is assemble a heavy art-conscious type crew.

Joe Brown with Chung
Faye and Arthur
Dangerman is always down.
We hit up the event after a couple of drinks and bumped into Kev, his band we're playing but we missed them, sorry buddy.
Chung found the whole evening quite amusing
Couple of Blue SteelThe 'Magnum'
Ex Sumo employee Joe Blanchard was up in the place tooThis is what we had to listen to. Not my thing, sounds like the longest outro known to man. Only on a building site.

Saturday, 3 December 2011


A quick clip of when I went with Steve to skate the T-blocks in October.

Big up the Indian summer.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Yitongs Gone

Yitong Wang one of our Chinese Skateboard friends has just moved back to China so we thought as a little tribute to him we'd put a blog post together.

He's just graduated - congratulations.

We decided on a little skate and some pool.

Longboard Chris got all voyeur on us and here's some of the photos.

Cold skate - NO GLOVES!!
Crew shot
Pool it is
Pints please
A schooling occured

Let's remind ourselves of this little master piece

Goodbye Yitong, at least we've got somewhere to stay when we go to China now.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

SBW congratulations go out to Skate Gang member and top human Matt aka 'Bobby Quesas' and his wife Ruth on the birth of their son on Saturday.

You can also download his bands EP for free here if you want.

Monday, 21 November 2011

How to pick up your skateboard

A pair of our previous posts have taken readers through the ins and outs of utilizing a skateboard as a weapon of self defense, and more recently, carrying one. However there is a key area within both of these guides which has been neglected (to our folly). That's how to get the skateboard into your hands before you carry it off, or use it to decapacitate your enemies. In an attempt to fill this gap, the following post will provide the most comprehensive guide, in the history of Sheffield based, wallet themed blogs, to picking up a skateboard. This will take you through the most basic, to the most advanced techniques, providing you with the necessary tools to A: Pick up your skateboard. B: Impress your peers with unconventional methods. C: Impress girls (or boys if thats your thing, or your a female skateboarder) - either way perfecting a range of these methods will get you laid.

1: The Basic

Above Jerome demonstrates what's probably the most straight forward way to pick up your skateboard on the move. Simply bend down, grab the nose, step off and away you go.

2: Classic Snap

This is a slightly elaborated version of the basic, much more likely to turn heads if executed properly. Slip your leading foot onto the tail, pop it and catch the board by the nose.

3: Advanced Snap

To the lay observer, there is very little difference between this acquisition and the 'Classic Snap'. However, any seasoned skateboarder will tell you that popping off the nose requires more skill and looks a whole lot better. Takes a bit of practice this one.

4: Scouse

Perhaps the father of the 'Scouse kick' (see skateboard self defense) this techniques requires the user to pop the tail, hook his/her foot underneath and kick the board up into his/her hand. Nb: Walking away from this one casually adds a whole lot (see Henry's example above).

5: Scouse Twist

An elaborate version of the 'Scouse'. Requires a whole lot more practice but is far more likely to impress.

6: Direct Mall

An excellent technique. Simply wait until you've slowed to a halt, bend down and grab the truck with your leading hand. Pick up the skateboard and Mall grab your way to the next spot.

7: Advanced Mall

This one's bound to impress. Pop the tail, wrap the board around your foot like a vertical impossible and grab the truck. There is no better way to achieve a Mall grab.

8: Pocket Stall

Ok, not technically a way to pick up your board but I had to include this one. Imagine your lurking at your local spot with a group of bros, hoods up, hands in pockets, DC plugs, frayed jeans, the works - your already pretty likely to be able to cop off with one of those flesh tunnel, slipknot type girls/boys (your probably already going out with one). However, if you can demonstrate that you can obtain hand to board contact with your hands in your pockets it's a done deal! Locate your partner, connect chain wallets and hug it out, in public.

9: Vertical Boost

One for the lads. Simply kick you skateboard as high as you can and grab it. Nb: This could also be used as a surprise self defense technique.

10: Barrier Bash

A personal favorite. Skateboarders have always been good at utilizing their surroundings. The next time your sessioning a jersey barrier and your over it, boot your skateboard into the spot, grab the fucker on it's way up and chip.

11: Rocket Man

Approach the pick up like a boneless, boost yourself as high as possible and walk away stoked with your skateboard under your arm. If you get particularly good at this one you could try taking up and down curbs.

12: Frontside Pirouette

Clearly an advanced technique. Push down on your tail and grab the nose (no need to pop), spin 360 frontside and walk away holding the nose. If your not great at spinning it's also cool to spin around half way and walk off backwards (preferably maintaining eye contact with the girls/boys your trying to impress).

13: Hard Flip Grab and Chip

Muska inspired. Pop an illusion style harz, as high as possible, grab the nose and make like a tree...

14: Tre Flip Grab and Chip

Clearly this is based on the same principles as the 'Hard Flip Grab and Chip'. Just replace the harz with a 360 flip. If your lucky enough to be able do the splits whilst your tre bombing at 0.5 mph you could add to this one with some contrived leg movements. Either way, it's a great technique for the more advanced skateboard picker upper.

Final Note:

Thanks to everyone involved for providing some inspiring techniques.
Practice makes perfect.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

SBW First Birthday Party - Death by Shoes

Wayhay, It's our first birthday. Can you believe it made it this far? We're all still very much alive and Skating hard and, most importantly, holding our boards correctly.

Here's the first batch of photo's from last night. Heavy crew in attendance.

Nathan got hyped on his tricks first
A quick iron and we're out
OG, POH and Gav were there, funny smell round this area
The lesser spotted Rob, he was referred to as the ghost, from that point on I made sure I captured the ghost at every available opportunity.
Some Livepool heads were over, heres Muff, ex-sheffielder
Woody was out
Sam North was over, this guy rules.
Justin came out.
I tee-shirt all good ladies should wear.
Slim another scouser was causing trouble
Red Wardle - will drink quicker than you.
The ghost
Mackies going to kill you
Justin's face kind of says it all.
Johna was out. He misses no party
Dogs welcome
Henry Stables
I got a fucking photo of Adrian, he's German and kills it on a Skateboard
Crew photo, notice the ghost?