Thursday, 29 September 2011

'Pass me the microphone so I can get wicked'

Yet another Indian summer, not that I'm complaining: A perfect excuse to jam some INI and Pete Rock joints in the sunshine.

Hip hop doesn't get much better than this.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Monday, 19 September 2011

Skateboard Martial Arts

How to protect your black wallet from moshers, scallys and thieves.

Brought to you by the SBW defense league.

Fig 1. Keep your assailant at arms length with this long range assault (Short sharp jabs seem to be the most effective method here).

Fig 2. Use your wheels to get up close and personal with your assailant (Just make sure s/he doesn't grab it).

Fig 3. The classic truck to the head (Highly effective: To be reserved for particularly grave circumstances).

Fig 4. Destabilize your assailant with a swift, powerful shinner.

Fig 5. If your assailant manages to escape stop him/her in their tracks with a solid wheelbase to the upper back (Particularly useful for thieves- If they're too fast you may also like to try throwing the skateboard).

Fig 6. Surprise your attacker with a scouse kick (Careful using this one in Liverpool, they may have counter attacks).

SBW defense league

Disclaimer: Don't really do any of this.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Skate Gang in Malmo Part Deux

A smaller contingent of Skate Gang decided that the trip to Malmo in 2010 was so good they'd do it again. This is their story.

Day 1

When we got to Manchester airport I queued up for the check in desk fully expecting to have my luggage accepted with open arms into the hold of the plane. I passed over my passport to the nice lady, she couldn't find me on the list, no worries I've got the booking reference, she still couldn't find me. A lady from the office comes over and checks again, and again until she spots that my flight was the day before - the fucking day before. Luckily there are seats left on the flight but it would cost me £137, great. On the 7th of September there would have been last minute calls for me and other passengers would probably be getting pissed off because I wasn't on the flight and they were getting delayed ha ha.

Anyway I'd munched some diazepam so the effects of the news of my stupidity were softened a bit. We got on the plane and I washed some more diazepam down with a beer, it's the only way to fly.

The Sea restaurant and pub more like a weird Chinese restaurant and pizzeria. I definitely ordered the bomba pizza and not the Chinese food I got, I won the argument with the waitress in the end and received my stinking pizza with a near raw egg on top.

Day 2

I lost the who gets the best bedroom game and won the bed in the living room / kitchen / mosquito nest.

Will, Arthur and Ali couldn't make it but they were there in spirit, and in a photo on the fridge.

We went to Stapelbaddsparken for more 'than one maybe two hours.'

Pizza number 1 of day 2.

3.5% beers standard.

Step up was piss wet, we tried to dry it but no dice. After watching some bigger boys skate the hell hole like real men we went to TBS for a roll around.

A little bit of Darlo in Malmo

Pizza number 2 of day 2.

Day 3

We went to Copenhagen which am very fucking impressed with, great skateparks, mad skatespots, weird bars, beautiful women everywhere and pizzas.

This spot is madness.

Somewhere along the line I split me keks, I think this might be where it happened.

Day 3

We there was a bit of a storm and it lashed it down in the morning. Cabin fever led me to draw everyone I was sharing the chalet with.

You want Jenkem? You talk to Bobby.

Justin in turn drew me.

Then it dried up and we skated Sibbarp

Day 4

Back to Copenhagen.

Faelledparken is probably the best skatepark you will ever skate, go there now (but not on a weekend).

It started to rain so we hid in a bar near the mad white bank spot. This place was sick, meaning both amazing and disturbing. Full of weird taxidermy, dolls heads and grim porn montage pictures.

Day 5

Copenhagen again, We had the morning to waste before we headed back to the UK so we went to check out Christiania. We were not disappointed in the place.

It's a sick autonomous area of Copenhagen ran by the residents who are almost exclusively hippies. There is a really good fun gnarly bowl there, no cars and on one street you can buy mad weed if that's your thing. There are areas that you can't take photos so to be on the safe side I took none. I did this drawing of the guy we bought a beer off though. He asked us where we were from and when we said Sheffield he just replied 'Fucking Sheffield Wednesday are shit' ha ha.

After this scene we flew home, endured a sketchy landing and had a few beers with our welcoming committee in the Tap.

Disappointing edit coming soon.