Monday, 21 May 2012

Matt Hirst Presents - Peruse (2003)

Matt Hirst has uploaded his Sheffield scene video from 2003 on to the world wide internet. There are a couple of tricks from Ronny and Nick in there somewhere. Have a nice cup of tea or a tall glass of milk click play and enjoy.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Simpletons and other happenings on Saturday.

Over the last month or so Gav has been collecting used broads from the Sheffield skate scene and using them as canvases to paint our ugly mugs on. On Saturday night Simple hosted the exhibition (kindly supplying free beer speciales as well).

I didn't take any photos but Tom Sykes did.

Untitled chung danger ronny tubb will
The man who made it all happen. Nice one Gav, props for being a motivated human and doing something creative and positive.
More of Tom's photos from the night here.

After Simpletons Will, Arthur, Nick and Ronny went off to eat steak, drink beer and be real men...

...I went rollerskating.

In my semi-defense it was to a night called Rolled School and I did drink beer, but yeah I did go rollerskating. I also saw;


And Errors who were really fucking good.

Also my new favorite football team - Sheffield Wednesday - got promoted to the Championship. UTO I believe is the saying.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Belated Bronson

Some time last month Dylan, Nathan and I headed over to Manchester to catch Action Bronson

In Dylan's car. 

They got rid of the 'Queer Clubbin' banner before he came on,

and shut the place down.