Friday, 21 September 2012

Nike SB, Bay Sixty6 preview

Here at SBW HQ we always get invited to the hottest events, this time was no different. Nike SB had just revamped the Bay sixty6 in London and we had some tickets to the preview skate, the day before the big demo. We quickly booked our mega train tickets and we're off. (No expense spared)
Nathan got the brief and we both wore the same teeshirts like a pair of flamers.
 The day wasn't starting well
 We arrived at the Skatepark and we're greeted by some burley bouncers, it seemed Nike SB were planning on trouble. After being told to get in queue we were quickly ushered in.
 I was greeted by the Flying Hobo (Tim Bartelot) he's an ex-Sheffield head who's now in Bristol, haven't seen him in years, today was going to be good.
 Obligatory photo of Michael Barrymore (more of him later) and Morphman.

 Bumped into Jon Horner, I've never met him before so it's nice to put a face to the <username> and Carl from Palour Skatestore (but more importantly Darlington).
 Neil Smith was there as normal, he's everywhere this guy.
 Me new mates Justin and Wieger, free beers = happy men.
I knew Shaun would love this so I got Theotis B to hold it up.

Nathan has more photos so he can do a part two with some of the night-time shots when we were lucky enough to rinse the Nike tab at the hotel. Glad you weren't looking for pictures of the park.