Tuesday, 28 June 2011


SBW member Justin makes really good music under the name of Seas. Check it out if you're into minimal electronica.

As he says himself "Maximum effort for minimal results is maximum ace!"


Monday, 27 June 2011

Padley Gorge

Last week Steve and I decided to miss an episode of Loose Women to go and visit Padley Gorge and the Longshaw estate.

The first of a few shots of Stephen walking.

Woodpecker nest. We saw a green Woodpecker flying around later on.

There were loads of these fallen tree trunks all down the river. I had neither the balance or the balls to cross this one. Steve didn't care, he's that kind of guy.

This was an old dynamite store. That's what modern life is missing, dynamite stores in the woods.

Not trainspotting.

Probably the largest ants nest ever. Shortly after this photo was taken I legged it because all the ants were running up my leg.

Some bird I thought was a wagtail. I've been told it isn't. Whatever.

Birdwatching and not trainspotting, that's what we do now.

Man of the match

Last Saturday night the black wallets hit up the Cremorne to watch Dee Rock spin some records.
Safe Nath was about, always a pleasure.
Our James got started on the Guinness
Philippa and the Dangerman
Arthur smokes a cigarette
Chung was on it
James got a bit weird after figuring out that his red coat doubles up as a baby grow

Man of the match!
We all piled back to the club house afterwards for more hip hop, beers and hip hop.
Big thumbs up on the music Dee Rock, looking forward to the next one.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Fancy Lad? Well fancy that.

Got a letter from America...

Fiske and his Boston crew sent me over their new DVD...

Fancy Lad!

Steve came over to check it out...

Hopes were high from the outset...

Random quotes ' What the fuck?' ... ' That was good!?'

Here's an action shot....

One of the key scenes in the video.

The video is critiqued over cheese and beer... I think it's fair to say that 'Fancy lad' deliberately challenges the conventions of the skateboard video. I've heard it called a ' game changer' in certain circles... time will tell.

Here's a few memories of Colin from his last visit to our hallowed shores.

Colin and Marty.

Colin vs. Wil.

Check out http://fancyladskateboards.com/ for assorted lunacy and radness.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Melton Mowbray

I nipped home on the weekend, got up with a hang over on Sunday morning and ended up skating around my home town taking pictures of the places my friends and I used to hang out.

The block
The Anne of Cleaves
The Fox
Road House (You go here when Tubes kicks out)
This is Tubes
LC (Still reppin!)
This is Sam's front room/workshop. He builds all kinds of guitars in here, somehow..
Work in progress
We went into some wasteland and blew up glass bottles with fire crackers. They were super loud!
And fuck you.