Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Bela Lugosi's Dead

This week we've said good luck see you soon to top hype man and potential SBW member Mark who is off to study at Bauhaus for a few months.

Click the picture for a link to his blog of work.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Throwing up EP Launch

Saturday night saw SBW's favorite local band, Best Friends throw a launch party for their new EP called Throwing up.

The band know that location is everything and chose to hold it at everyone's favorite party basement, Club 60. Madcolours and The Black Tambourines supported and a good time was had by all. I didn't take my camera but all the Sheffield skaters were there, in fact look at the last blog post and most of the people in the pictures were there.

Click the photo of teen heart throb Lewis to see the bands blog about the night (check out party animal Chris).

You can buy a copy of the EP here. You get to support local skateboarders making good Linkmusic, well worth five bar.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Simple opening party

The good lads at Simple held an official opening party on Friday. I was fucking hyped to see the 5'Boro video that they were premiering at the party too.

I became the annoying bloke taking photos of everyone, but fuck it you've got to fill the internet up somehow. You all know everyone anyway, so I'll keep my shite captions to a minimum.

The Ghostman cometh.

A bunch of guys watching the TV.

Ash and Rob the men behind Simple. Cheers for the party lads.

Why so tired Chung?

It took us a while to realize there were some free beers available. Double stack that shit before it goes.

Ballbag it!

Crew deep.

At some point we all started skating the courtyard and I ate shit several times. Skating when you're hammered is fucking painful.

The party carried on somewhere, but I lamed out and went home to have a hangover between 4 and 6am.

Cheers again Ash and Rob, the shop is sick. Get down there and have a coffee.

The 5'Boro video is amazing, raw east coast skating, no fucking about with mega slow mo's and nas and wu-tang on the soundtrack. Thrasher have released it on their website so I guess it's okay to put it here.

Who the hell is Jordan Trahan? A massive noseblunt into a bank, noseslide to 5.0 on a handrail and that powerslide to ollie. Wow.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Ron at Dev Green


Everybody's talking about it.
I'm not usually bothered about retro, girly sounding synth pop. Maybe I just like these songs because they fitted so well within the film? Either way, here they are:

If you haven't seen this yet, watch it.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Population Control

Recently copped the new Statik Selektah album.
2011 and it isn't disappointing..

A couple of gems:

Go Brooklyn.

Dean Brodrick Retrospective

Nathan and the guys have been hassling me to post a blog but I've been waiting for something special to blog about and here it is. My first Blog of 2012.

I spent another weekend up in the Northeast, this time for my friend Bod's retrospective, Bod was everybody's favourite skateboader/designer/film maker/butcher/pisstaker. That's why his closest friends put together a retrospective showing all of his work.

Here are some shots of the night but when looking through I missed some really important people so sorry your not included. **Edit just pinched the best photo from Robins instagram.

Anyway here are my photos enjoy.

Chief organisers (L To R)Robin, Glen, Al, Si, Wayne and Steve (Shamelessly pinched from Robin)
Bod and Bingo hope you're both resting well
Some of the Stereo and Girl boards bod designed
This photo shows Bods personality so much, fisheye on a fisheye.
A wall of Mischief Tee-shirts
Slayer badge on a custom bike he built with Wayne and Luke
Lots of old photos of Bod's childhood
His survivors in Sidewalk, purple blind jeans!!
Glen and Dan
Dan C and Hayley
Very first Vid I was on
Wu-Tang Cakes
Luke Ellis
Kev Dawson and Si
Wayne and the Chris'
James and Neil/Niall
Thanks to everyone who made it possible
Oh and I won the raffle, a brand new Mischief tee-shirt designed by French. Hype, hype.