Friday, 21 September 2012

Nike SB, Bay Sixty6 preview

Here at SBW HQ we always get invited to the hottest events, this time was no different. Nike SB had just revamped the Bay sixty6 in London and we had some tickets to the preview skate, the day before the big demo. We quickly booked our mega train tickets and we're off. (No expense spared)
Nathan got the brief and we both wore the same teeshirts like a pair of flamers.
 The day wasn't starting well
 We arrived at the Skatepark and we're greeted by some burley bouncers, it seemed Nike SB were planning on trouble. After being told to get in queue we were quickly ushered in.
 I was greeted by the Flying Hobo (Tim Bartelot) he's an ex-Sheffield head who's now in Bristol, haven't seen him in years, today was going to be good.
 Obligatory photo of Michael Barrymore (more of him later) and Morphman.

 Bumped into Jon Horner, I've never met him before so it's nice to put a face to the <username> and Carl from Palour Skatestore (but more importantly Darlington).
 Neil Smith was there as normal, he's everywhere this guy.
 Me new mates Justin and Wieger, free beers = happy men.
I knew Shaun would love this so I got Theotis B to hold it up.

Nathan has more photos so he can do a part two with some of the night-time shots when we were lucky enough to rinse the Nike tab at the hotel. Glad you weren't looking for pictures of the park.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Recent photo's

Here are a couple of recent photos, proving that we have been skating not just sitting around getting lardy.

Chung - Backside 5.0
Photo by Greg Somerset

Ronny - Backside 360
Photo by Longboard Chris

Thursday, 21 June 2012

All for Ron and Ron for all.

It's Go Skateboarding Day - Woohoo - and it's raining here in Sheffield.

I thought I'd write a blogpost about something random which I suppose is Skateboarding related but not really.

Whats in a name?

masc. proper name, from O.N. Rögnvaldr "Having the Gods' Power," from rögn "gods," lit. "decreeing powers" (pl. of regin "decree") + valdr "ruler."
Ronald is a masculine name predominantly found in Scotland where it has always been popular, however in Scotland it usually takes the form Ranald. The name is of Norse origin and was bought over by raiding Vikings. The form Ranald has not really spread from its Scottish roots, however Ronald is widespread, and is common in America where is was the name of the 40th president, Ronald Reagan, and where it is also the name of the mascot of the McDonalds franchise, Ronald McDonald.

As I was growing up I always seemed to notice Skateboarders with the same name as me and always wondered if anyone else did the same? Probably not, anyway I thought it would be fun to post up some sections of people called Ron, Ronnie, Ronny, Ronald... you might dig them.

Ronnie Bertino - XYZ section

Ron Allen -  Risk It section

Ron Whaley - Uprising section

Ronnie Creager - This isn't a section but has some Rad stuff

Ron Chatman - Rubbish Heap

Ron Knigge - Da deal is dead


Ron Deily - State of mind


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Friday, 15 June 2012


Bit late on this news but Justin's Legacy design has been attached to raglan shirts by the screen printing process.

Get a hesh raglan with a dope rapper graphic from Legacy's shop now (unless they've all sold out).