Sunday, 19 February 2012

Dean Brodrick Retrospective

Nathan and the guys have been hassling me to post a blog but I've been waiting for something special to blog about and here it is. My first Blog of 2012.

I spent another weekend up in the Northeast, this time for my friend Bod's retrospective, Bod was everybody's favourite skateboader/designer/film maker/butcher/pisstaker. That's why his closest friends put together a retrospective showing all of his work.

Here are some shots of the night but when looking through I missed some really important people so sorry your not included. **Edit just pinched the best photo from Robins instagram.

Anyway here are my photos enjoy.

Chief organisers (L To R)Robin, Glen, Al, Si, Wayne and Steve (Shamelessly pinched from Robin)
Bod and Bingo hope you're both resting well
Some of the Stereo and Girl boards bod designed
This photo shows Bods personality so much, fisheye on a fisheye.
A wall of Mischief Tee-shirts
Slayer badge on a custom bike he built with Wayne and Luke
Lots of old photos of Bod's childhood
His survivors in Sidewalk, purple blind jeans!!
Glen and Dan
Dan C and Hayley
Very first Vid I was on
Wu-Tang Cakes
Luke Ellis
Kev Dawson and Si
Wayne and the Chris'
James and Neil/Niall
Thanks to everyone who made it possible
Oh and I won the raffle, a brand new Mischief tee-shirt designed by French. Hype, hype.

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